6 things you must do on every travel nursing assignment


As it has been rightly put, travel nursing isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Though it does get tiring at times, yet other than that the job does have some incredible perks. You’d be surprised to know that learning how to become a travel nurse is simpler than you think.

One of the biggest perks is that you get to visit so many new places without having to burn a hole through your pocket. So, if you are someone who loves going that extra mile, then here are 6 things you must do on every travel nursing assignment

Visit at least 3 tourist hot spots

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There is no point visiting a new place if you aren’t willing to go out and see a little of it. So while on an assignment make sure that you visit at least 3 tourist spots.

Get lost

While in the new place, make sure that you try to REALLY explore it. Rather than availing of the services of a tour guide, explore it on your own, by making use of a good old map!

Interact with locals

It is only on interacting with tourists that you will be able to soak in the true essence of the place. So, no matter how shy you may be do step out of your shell and interact with as many locals as possible.

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Make a new friend

Most nursing assignments last a few weeks, so as challenging as it may be, you must try your best to make a new friend! Additionally, do not be afraid to forge a relationship with someone who you have a connection with.

Take innumerable photographs and selfies

In this technological age, no trip is complete without at least a few “selfies”, so make it a point to take out at least a few photographs so that you have something to remember the place by. If possible do make a collage and get it framed as well.

Buy a souvenir as a keepsake

No matter how small it may be, make it a point to invest in a souvenir. Investing in a souvenir will permit you to keep a chunk of each adventure with you down the road.

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Being a travel nurse is one of the most interesting, yet rewarded jobs out their, so make sure that you make the most of it. Keep in mind, that just because you are a travel nurse who has a lot on your plate, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to have a social life.

5 shocking ways Travel Nurse Trust is betrayed by recruiters

It’s no secret that the relationship between a travel nurse and the recruiters she works with are very important to travel nurses. And like all relationships, trust serves as one of the key foundations. Unfortunately, the dynamics of these relationships present many scenarios in which trust can ultimately be compromised.

Offering Really Low Base Rates to Travel Nurses

IRS regulations stipulate that taxable wages must be in line with what the professional would expect to make in the permanent employment market. And registered nurses expect to make more than $10 per hour no matter where they are or what specialty they work. The simple fact of the matter is that recruiters will certainly compromise the trust of their travel nurses if they continue to offer these rates and claim that there is nothing to worry about.

Bouncing off Obscure Contract Clauses

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The point here is that the travel nurse finds out about obscure contract clauses after the contract starts. Failing to discuss those specific clauses with the travel nurse prior to her signing the contract is certainly a bad practice.

All of the potential pitfalls in the contract should be covered with travel nurses prior to them signing the contract. The only reason not to do this is if there is concern that they will reject the contract due to one of these clauses. Learning how to become a travel nurse can be quite challenging but worth it even when you’re learning about contract issues. Trust me you can do it!

Pressing for Submission without Providing Job Details

There is a basic set of information that recruiters should be able to cover about every contract they have available prior to seeking a candidate’s approval to be submitted. If the required details aren’t readily available, then find them before contacting the travel nurse.

Submitting a Travel Nurse for an Assignment without Their Permission

Submitting a travel nurse’s profile for a job without their permission is a maneuver that will almost always compromise trust. The recruiter is placing the travel nurse in a tough spot which is something a recruiter should never do. Moreover, the recruiter is literally taking action behind the travel nurse’s back. This forces the nurse to understandably question the recruiter’s professionalism.

Not Communicating Promptly after Paperwork is Completed

When it comes to qualified candidates, many recruiters believe that the initial paperwork is insignificant because all companies require the same thing. These recruiters are sorely mistaken. It is a detailed checklist that is necessary to be completed to qualify for an assignment. So if a qualified candidate doesn’t promptly receive a call after completing the documentation, then their trust in the recruiter will most certainly be compromised.

Trust between a travel nurse and their recruiter is both crucial and fragile. When solid service is provided and trust is earned, travel nurses will not only remain loyal, but they will become advocates who send more business the recruiter’s way.

5 surprising ways to use social media for professional growth while travel nursing

Travel nursing career requires you to move about all the time and that is exciting but has its own limitations. However, you could use the social media to overcome some of these limitations effectively. Below listed are some simple tips that could help you use the social media effectively.

Use Social media as a source of information – Social media is a great source of information if you know where to look for reliable information. This is very much necessary in the dynamic field of medical science. You could also connect with your ex-employer’s alumni group and continue to have access to some useful information and hear from others about novel medical inventions.

Connect with the local regional groups – If you have to go on a travel nursing assignment in a place you’ve never been, try connecting with the locals online. You could join an online group and converse with the other members about the nearest grocery store or figure out the nearest restaurant that serves the best sushi.

Pet lovers’ groups – Pet loving nurses may not be able to carry their pets on a travel nursing assignment. However, the loss can easily be made up for by playing with someone else’s pets over the weekend. You could find local pet lover group through one of the social networking sites and get to meet some new people too.

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Discount sales – As a travel nurse you would need a lot of personal stuff while you are in a new place. A great way to get these at a lesser price is through the local discount sale that is often notified through social media. For instance, if you are looking for clothes then don’t forget to “like” Macy’s local page on Facebook.

Network – You can connect online with other travel nurses and share your experiences on such groups on social media. Staying connected that way could also mean having company visiting the local hotspot while you are on a travel nursing assignment. You could also remain informed about the developments in medical procedures and other useful information.

Using social media effectively could go a long way in bettering your future career prospects as a travel nurse. However, remember never to share your personal details online while you are going to be alone on a travel nursing assignment at a new place.

I finally got my California license!!! My first travel nursing assignment ever! Yay!

I’m finally here! I got my first assignment in Los Angeles, California.

Unfortunately the hospital could not start me until a week later than I desired. But, what a fantastic business Travel Nursing is so far, they are going to get me in to my housing on the 8th and I don’t start working for them until the 12th.

We are also getting free cable and DSL. Sounds pretty nice so far. A far cry from the treatment I received from Nursing Healthcare Network. I’ll keep you informed once I get on the market.

However, I also signed up with a service that does both travel and per diem called Freedom Nurses. I’ll be working for them the first week I get to CA and if I get called off in my traveling contract I can pick up time together.

Additionally when this arrangement is done I will have more options to pick from. And it’s always good to have an alternative.

On to my Vegas story. I was in the grocery store and walking into a line to check out. I entered the lineup and a woman in a supermarket cart rolls and says”Nice vacation spirit, jumping in front of me” Wow, I said to myself, she’s some wonderful holiday spirit herself.

I told her I did not know she was headed to the point and she would go ahead of me. “No,” she stated,”I will get another line.” As she gathered away. Wow I said to myself again. . .so, she just wanted to spout off me.

Really nice. Do you think that she had been having a bad day or what? Maybe she is lonely and watched me with my wife and my niece and felt poorly since she is all alone and it is almost Halloween. So, how do you have responded? Have you got any vacation stories?Hopefully nicer than my little encounter. Anyhow have a nice Halloween and a great Thanksgiving!

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