5 shocking ways Travel Nurse Trust is betrayed by recruiters

It’s no secret that the relationship between a travel nurse and the recruiters she works with are very important to travel nurses. And like all relationships, trust serves as one of the key foundations. Unfortunately, the dynamics of these relationships present many scenarios in which trust can ultimately be compromised.

Offering Really Low Base Rates to Travel Nurses

IRS regulations stipulate that taxable wages must be in line with what the professional would expect to make in the permanent employment market. And registered nurses expect to make more than $10 per hour no matter where they are or what specialty they work. The simple fact of the matter is that recruiters will certainly compromise the trust of their travel nurses if they continue to offer these rates and claim that there is nothing to worry about.

Bouncing off Obscure Contract Clauses

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The point here is that the travel nurse finds out about obscure contract clauses after the contract starts. Failing to discuss those specific clauses with the travel nurse prior to her signing the contract is certainly a bad practice.

All of the potential pitfalls in the contract should be covered with travel nurses prior to them signing the contract. The only reason not to do this is if there is concern that they will reject the contract due to one of these clauses. Learning how to become a travel nurse can be quite challenging but worth it even when you’re learning about contract issues. Trust me you can do it!

Pressing for Submission without Providing Job Details

There is a basic set of information that recruiters should be able to cover about every contract they have available prior to seeking a candidate’s approval to be submitted. If the required details aren’t readily available, then find them before contacting the travel nurse.

Submitting a Travel Nurse for an Assignment without Their Permission

Submitting a travel nurse’s profile for a job without their permission is a maneuver that will almost always compromise trust. The recruiter is placing the travel nurse in a tough spot which is something a recruiter should never do. Moreover, the recruiter is literally taking action behind the travel nurse’s back. This forces the nurse to understandably question the recruiter’s professionalism.

Not Communicating Promptly after Paperwork is Completed

When it comes to qualified candidates, many recruiters believe that the initial paperwork is insignificant because all companies require the same thing. These recruiters are sorely mistaken. It is a detailed checklist that is necessary to be completed to qualify for an assignment. So if a qualified candidate doesn’t promptly receive a call after completing the documentation, then their trust in the recruiter will most certainly be compromised.

Trust between a travel nurse and their recruiter is both crucial and fragile. When solid service is provided and trust is earned, travel nurses will not only remain loyal, but they will become advocates who send more business the recruiter’s way.

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