5 surprising ways to use social media for professional growth while travel nursing

Travel nursing career requires you to move about all the time and that is exciting but has its own limitations. However, you could use the social media to overcome some of these limitations effectively. Below listed are some simple tips that could help you use the social media effectively.

Use Social media as a source of information – Social media is a great source of information if you know where to look for reliable information. This is very much necessary in the dynamic field of medical science. You could also connect with your ex-employer’s alumni group and continue to have access to some useful information and hear from others about novel medical inventions.

Connect with the local regional groups – If you have to go on a travel nursing assignment in a place you’ve never been, try connecting with the locals online. You could join an online group and converse with the other members about the nearest grocery store or figure out the nearest restaurant that serves the best sushi.

Pet lovers’ groups – Pet loving nurses may not be able to carry their pets on a travel nursing assignment. However, the loss can easily be made up for by playing with someone else’s pets over the weekend. You could find local pet lover group through one of the social networking sites and get to meet some new people too.

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Discount sales – As a travel nurse you would need a lot of personal stuff while you are in a new place. A great way to get these at a lesser price is through the local discount sale that is often notified through social media. For instance, if you are looking for clothes then don’t forget to “like” Macy’s local page on Facebook.

Network – You can connect online with other travel nurses and share your experiences on such groups on social media. Staying connected that way could also mean having company visiting the local hotspot while you are on a travel nursing assignment. You could also remain informed about the developments in medical procedures and other useful information.

Using social media effectively could go a long way in bettering your future career prospects as a travel nurse. However, remember never to share your personal details online while you are going to be alone on a travel nursing assignment at a new place.

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