I finally got my California license!!! My first travel nursing assignment ever! Yay!

I’m finally here! I got my first assignment in Los Angeles, California.

Unfortunately the hospital could not start me until a week later than I desired. But, what a fantastic business Travel Nursing is so far, they are going to get me in to my housing on the 8th and I don’t start working for them until the 12th.

We are also getting free cable and DSL. Sounds pretty nice so far. A far cry from the treatment I received from Nursing Healthcare Network. I’ll keep you informed once I get on the market.

However, I also signed up with a service that does both travel and per diem called Freedom Nurses. I’ll be working for them the first week I get to CA and if I get called off in my traveling contract I can pick up time together.

Additionally when this arrangement is done I will have more options to pick from. And it’s always good to have an alternative.

On to my Vegas story. I was in the grocery store and walking into a line to check out. I entered the lineup and a woman in a supermarket cart rolls and says”Nice vacation spirit, jumping in front of me” Wow, I said to myself, she’s some wonderful holiday spirit herself.

I told her I did not know she was headed to the point and she would go ahead of me. “No,” she stated,”I will get another line.” As she gathered away. Wow I said to myself again. . .so, she just wanted to spout off me.

Really nice. Do you think that she had been having a bad day or what? Maybe she is lonely and watched me with my wife and my niece and felt poorly since she is all alone and it is almost Halloween. So, how do you have responded? Have you got any vacation stories?Hopefully nicer than my little encounter. Anyhow have a nice Halloween and a great Thanksgiving!

Check out this awesome travel nursing video! I love this!

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